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CRB is the trading name for Cash Registers (Buccleuch) Limited.  The company was established in 1963 and now has 40 employees providing first class nationwide EPOS service and support throughout Scotland and North East England.

In 1995, CRB installed the first cashless catering system for West Lothian Council, with the specific aim of providing anonymity to free meal pupils.  The solution was branded IMPACT.  
Over the years, we have developed significant relationships with the Education sector, specifically for school meals and are now the leading provider of cashless school meal systems throughout the UK.

All employees working with the Education sector hold a valid Enhanced Disclosure Certificate.

There are more than 2000 Clients and over 1.5 million users benefiting from the IMPACT system.  In Scotland, the majority of our Secondary schools operate with the National Entitlement Card and Biometric\PIN operation, whilst Primary schools predominately use Biometric and Name\Photo lookup.

Now recognised as a market leading, best value solution throughout the UK - IMPACT has been installed in more than 2000 Primary, Secondary and Independent schools.  In Scotland, 28 out of 32 Local Authorities use IMPACT.  In the North East of England, all LEA's use the system while in the rest of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, many LEA's and over 1100 schools are already utilising the benefits of IMPACT.

The development of IMPACT has always been customer-led and will continue to be in years to come.  As active members of organisations such as LACA and ASSIST, we are able to meet the ever changing needs of school meals and catering services who provide them both from a legislative and operational view points.

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Key Benefits

  • Speeds up delivery at POS
  • Shortens queues
  • Reduces incidence of pupils leaving school premises
  • Increases school meal take up (c.20% on average)
  • Enables healthy eating promotions
  • Automates back office functions 
  • Removes cash from playground
  • Alleviates free meal stigma